Consult with Najmieh for a unique culinary adventure in Iran

Najmieh can guide you to explore Iran's culinary traditions and bring you the luxury of eating home-cooked meals in Iranian homes.

You will go to the heart of Iranian culture; to villages that no tourist has ever gone before, where culinary traditions and recipes are thousands of years old. You will stand beside people picking and processing saffron in a remote village in Khorasan, or in a pistachio orchard in Kerman, or a pomegranate orchard in Qom. You will meet women who are drying fish in the South, and planting rice in the North. You'll be guided to see, taste and smell the street food of Iran. You will visit the real Iran and get a chance to know Iranians through their food. It will be an experience that is far from 4 and 5 star hotels and restaurants geared for tourists.

You will also get a chance to taste and experiences Persian cooking in the homes of Iranians from various walks of life. You will travel to Shiraz, Yazd, Isfahan, and tour their spice bazaars and you will have the chance to interact with the real people of Iran.

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